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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deposit required to reserve a character?

Yes, to officially reserve a character we do require a deposit. We accept deposits via Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal.


What will the character(s) accomplish within one hour?

What the character(s) can accomplish highly depends on the amount of children attending. Within one hour, the character can definitely accomplish a meet&greet with pictures, story time with songs, and participate in singing “Happy Birthday.” The remaining time can be used for various activities. Our performers are used to playing it by ear and listening to what the children are most interested in to determine which activities they’d like to do! 


Do your princesses/characters only do birthday parties?

No! Our characters can attend much more than just birthday parties. They can attend holiday parties, festivals, assemblies, play dates, and more! Prestige Princess & Character Company has even been a part of multiple citywide events and parades.


Can your characters come to schools?

Yes! Our characters have done multiple events at schools. They have attended classroom birthday parties, school assemblies, and special festivals/school events! 


Is there anything I need to provide for the princess/character?

The only things we ask clients to provide for our characters are some shade and chairs. Our performers come ready in costume and bring their books/activities along with them!


Why are there travel fees?

We have travel fees for locations 15+ miles away to help cover the performers’ travel time and gas. When our performers do events/parties that are further away, it takes up more time of their day, which means they have to work fewer events on that day. 100% of all travel fees go to the performers as compensation for the extra time (and gas) it takes them to get to the further locations.


I saw a performer at a party that I really liked, can I book them specifically?

We are always more than happy to try to fulfill performer requests. If you would like a specific performer, please just provide the name of the performer on the character request form. If you don’t know their name, you can email us a photo of them or tell us the date of the party/event at which you saw them. We always do our best to fulfill requests, though it highly depends on performer availability.

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