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Policies and Procedures

For more information regarding booking and reservations please fill out the form in our "Book" section of the website or text (310)832-9333.



  • Prestige Princess is not a babysitting service and adult supervision must be provided at all times. We are not responsible for misbehavior or disruptions among children. Our performers need to be provided a safe environment and their person, costume and supplies need to be respected. You will be held responsible for any damage to our costumes, wigs, supplies (that are above the normal wear and tear) and or to the performer themselves if any harm or damage is inflicted on them. Yes, we know that this is common sense and most clients would never dream of behaving in a disrespectful or harmful way to our performers and 'equipment' but we must be clear in regards to the importance of how we expect to be treated with respect and kindness as we will treat all our clients with the same.


  • Client understands that due to unforeseen events such as scheduling conflicts, illness and any other extenuating circumstances, your assigned actress is viable to change at any time. We do make a conscious effort to avoid these types of circumstances, however we DO NOT GUARANTEE any specific performer. In the event that your actress changes, they will be replaced with another actress of equal caliber.


  • Prestige Princess does not guarantee any certain amount of activities being performed at the party. Client understands that they are paying for a service that is being charged by the hour and not by the activity.  The client understands that the amount of children attending the party will be factored into how many activities will be implemented during the allotted time.


  • Due to increased volume of traffic, inclement weather and highway construction your party is subject to a 30-minute leeway. In the event that your performer is late, she will stay for the allotted time booked.



  • If there is need to reschedule your performer, we ask that you notify us at least 14 days (2 weeks) in advance of your scheduled event so that we can rebook that performer. Performer cancellations must be rescheduled within 30 days given our availability or you will forfeit your full payment. Our performers travel to locations as well as entertain at our 'home' facility so once they are booked for an event, refunds are not given and only rescheduled if done so in the time frame stated above.



  • As unforeseen events occur, Prestige Princess cannot be held responsible for sequential, punitive, or speculative damages, theft, accidents and incidents that are beyond a person’s control. If such incident should arise, it is out priority to fulfill the obligatory duties set within the confirmation agreement, between both parties (Prestige Princess and Client). In the case of an unforeseen event: Client must notify Prestige Princess within 24 hours of scheduled event. Both parties must agree upon a mutual solution that will benefit the circumstances. In the case of unforeseen events, Prestige Princess’s liability exposure is limited to the amount of the client fees for the services.


  • Our princess Performers are dressed in very expensive, high quality, detailed costumes and wigs that we have specially made for our company. Please do not hold your parties in extreme heat or cold depending which character you choose. We want our performers to always be able to give you and your child their best performance. We also must insist that if your party is held at a park or in a backyard that does not have flooring or a clean hard service that you provide an area free of mud, dirt and debris for our characters to perform. This can mean setting out a large tarp and clean access to it. Our Princesses will not perform in the rain under any circumstance. If your party is outside, please provide a shaded area for the performers. Our costumes can be quite heavy and warm. We also want to protect our mermaid performer from sun damage.


  • Please prepare 1 chair per performer for story time, 2 chairs for face gems, tattoos or nail polish. Not having these items set can delay your party performance at your expense.


  • To ensure a timely arrival, a parking spot must be provided close to the entrance of the party location. In the event that your performer must park far away, your party will be shortened by the amount of time taken to find parking. The Client is responsible for any parking costs or tole roads. Any parking fees and or tole fees will be paid to the performer in cash on top of their set fee(s).


Terms & Conditions for Swimming Mermaids                   Prestige Princess Swimming Mermaids are for entertainment purposes and we recommend clients to hire a lifeguard to supervise the event. An adult must be present at all time while our mermaid(s) are in and around the pool with children. Pools must be heated between 79-83 degrees. Pool must be in-ground. No above-ground pools are allowed.  A shaded area must be provided near the pool for our mermaid(s) to conduct their 'on-land' activities.                      

Guests must leave the pool area when our performer arrives and while she is setting up. We do not want to ruin the illusion of our mermaid for the children. Guests must leave the pool area at the end of the mermaid visit so our performer can make her exit without being seen/destroying the illusion.



TRAVEL FEES: 15 miles + $15  /  20 miles + $20  /  25 miles + $25 / 30 miles + $30 / 35 miles + $35 / 40 miles + $40 per performer are applied if your destination is outside a 15 mile radius of our Prestige Princess Headquarters located in Lomita, CA. 

   *Client is responsible for all toll roads and parking fees._

*We do highly encourage gratuity, however, it is not included with the price of the performance. Any gratuity must be placed in an envelope and  given to the performer(s) upon their departure.

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