All of our performers are professionally trained singers, actors, and childcare professionals. 
Some have even worked for Disney!
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Rumor is a classically trained vocalist and SAG/AFTRA actress. She has been a working actor since the age of 7 years-old. Rumor has a background in musical theatre, television and film. She does character work for Universal Studios Hollywood. She has been a party hostess at Olivia's Dollhouse since 2009, she is a nanny and has worked for different child based businesses and loves to babysit. Rumor adores children and absolutely loves performing!

6 years with company


Mira has been acting, singing, and dancing for her entire life.  She loves performing and has been trained in many different styles of voice, acting, dance, and improv.  She started choreographing for theatre companies when she was 14, and currently teaches Irish Dancing at Lyons Academy of Irish Dance to kids ages 3-9, and is the voice teacher at Elite Dance Studio for kids ages 6-9.  Mira absolutely adores working with children and is dedicated to making every birthday experience as magical and unique as can be!

5 years with company


Serenity is a musical theatre actress with classical voice training and an extensive background of performing from the age of 5. She adores working with kids and has helped teach and choreograph at many different musical theatre camps, and has also taught voice lessons for children. She is so thrilled for the opportunity to bring a little more magic into every child's life! 

3 years with company


Rylee grew up in a household full of actors! She is our resident Star Wars and super hero expert! She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and does kickboxing. Rylee loves spending time with her little cousins and has plenty of experience working with children. She has been working as a hostess for Olivia's Dollhouse Tearoom for several years. Rylee hopes she can help make your little one's special day super amazing!

4 years with company


Kumari has been acting since she was 4 years old. She is a trained vocalist and has been in several theatre productions, including Mary Poppins at Disneyland's Hyperian Theatre. As a former Disneyland Cast Member, she loves working with kids and characters alike. There is no greater joy for her than the experience she can provide children through her princess friends. Her favorite princesses are Tiana and Esmeralda!

2 years with company


Brenna is overjoyed to be working with Prestige Princess! Brenna has performed across the United States and Canada playing Peppa Pig in Peppa Pig Live. She voices Share Bear and Dibble in the tv show Care Bears: Unlock the Magic as well as several voices on other popular cartoons! Brenna is a certified K-12 teacher and she adores bringing the joy of stories, music, and imagination to children!

4 years with company


Kenji is a southern California native who started acting at the young age of six months old doing commercials, and hasn't stopped performing since.  Currently pursuing an acting career in film and television, he is also dances hip hop and has studied martial arts for over fifteen years, currently holding a second degree black belt. Kenji has taught children of all ages dance and martial arts and has loved every minute of it. He can't wait to bring joy and excitement to your child's special day!

4 years with company


Josh is no stranger to the acting world, performing in shows and commercials since he was a wee lad. He has been a "superhero for hire" for more than 2 years, and has been professionally trained in improv, stunt work, and stage combat. He is very committed to preserving the magic for kids, and loves being able to play such a large part in it. Additionally, Josh is a former Jungle Cruise Skipper at Disneyland, and is a self proclaimed expert of lousy puns. He can't wait to give your child a birthday they'll never forget! 
3 years with compan


Kylie is a working theatre performer, having trained since the age of 13. She has worked for several companies throughout the LA/OC area and also performed for Disneyland and Tokyo Disney. As much as she loves to perform, she also adores working with children and is currently working as a children's dance instructer. Kylie hopes to make every child's celebration the most magical it can be.

1 year with company


Imari began musical theatre at the age of 5. Performing in dozens of semi professional regional theatre productions. Imari's passion for performing, storytelling and inspiring others to believe in the 'magic' has only grown. After training under Broadway Actor Robert Westernberg, Imari went on to pursue her acting career in both various forms of film and theatre on the West Coast. Imari wears many crowns as she is one of Prestige's multi-ethnic performers who enjoys playing everything from her favorite mermaid from under the sea to her favorite Southern Belle from New Orleans, to every crown in between. Her favorite thing about attending parties is embracing the things we love most about the characters and stories we retell together.

3 years with company


Chelsea is an experienced vocal performer, enthusiastic about making sure her interactions with every child leads to a magical memory! She started singing with a university a'capella group and continued her vocal pursuit by regularly performing for her university and community as a lead singer of George Masons University's Green Machine' Pep band.  Her vocal talents  eventually led her to an opportunity to compete on The Voice's 'Team Usher.'

Chelsea also has years of experience with children, as she is a licensed mathematics teacher.

1 year with company


John is a Washingtonian currently living in Southern California pursuing acting and his degree in game design. He has been acting since he was 13. John spent time in Washington teaching children's theatre when he was in high school.  Once moving to California John spent time as a performer for Disneyland for over 2 years. As achild at heart, he loves all Star Wars, Nintendo and Super Heroes.

1 year with company


James is a classically trained singer and actor with a background in musical theatre. He began performing in high school and has been also been trained in marching band. James loves all things Disney, Star Wars, and superheroes and is so thrilled to be working his dream of performing as the characters he grew up loving for younger generations."

3 years with company


Becky loves working with children. She has been a Nanny for 2 years and has been a ballet and folklorico assistant dance teacher for 4 years. She is currently working at Olivia's Dollhouse Tea Room as well and loves making magical memories for all who visits. Children often gravitate to Becky because of her smile and kindness. She loves to make children smile and laugh! Her favorite character is Wonder Woman because she not only represents strength and courage but encourages girls of all ages to be their own hero.

2 years with the company


Lexie has been working with children for several years. From teaching dance classes to making birthday wishes come true, she absolutely loves it! Lexie has worked all across the South Bay ensuring she provides a positive and memorable experience for each young princess. She enjoys working at both Olivia's Dollhouse and Prestige Princess since she was in High School. Although she loves every chance she gets to perform as a character actress, she has to admit that she holds Rapunzel and Anna close 2 her heart.

2 years with company


Robyn is a recent graduate from Cal State Fullerton where she received her BFA in Acting. She started her love for performing at a young age as a competitive dancer. For 15 years, Robyn danced with her studio learning teamwork, technique and expression. Since then, she has been teaching 6-10 year-old young girls the same thing. She is a proud Asian American who believes that portraying Mulan is truly an honor. Robyn understands the importance of showing diversity within the princess party community. She enjoys spreading the love and appreciation for this Chinese hero and role model.

4 years with the company


Shayli is a trained musical theatre actress, singer, and dancer. She started performing 10 years ago and has been in over 50 productions here in the South Bay. She has a passion for working with children and hopes to one day open a theatre company for special needs children. Shayli also loves running, hiking, and has been kickboxing since she was 5. She looks forward to meeting you and making you event special and memorable!

3 years with company

Interested in joining the Prestige Princess Cast? We are always accepting submissions!  Strong candidates should have a background in performance, be able to sing, love working with children, and be a team player.
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