Snow Sisters



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Magical Family

  Magical Family

Snow White

Snow White

Beauty & Prince

Kylie/ Emma/ Kumari as Beauty

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Tink & Peter

Lexie as Tink Rylee as Wendy John as Pet

Rapunzel & Thief

Rapunzel & Thief

Cinderella & Prince

Kumari/ Mira/ Serenity as Cinderella

Sleeping Beauty

Serenity as Sleeping Beauty
Kumari as Sleeping Beauty


Native Princess

Island Voyager


The 1st Princess


Neverland Friends

Neverland Friends


Scottish Princess

Villains Rumor, Mira, Imari, Rylee

Crowned Princess


 Arabian Princess 

Arabian Princess & Prince

The Princess & The Frog

Kumari as The Princess & The Frog


Wonderland Characters

Robyn as Mulan

Super Heroes

Super Heroes

Swimming Mermaids

Swimming Mermiads

Space Wars

Space Heroes

Pop Star

Pop Star JoJo

  Classic Characters

    Mary Poppins/ Blippi/ Pirates

                Easter Bunny

Mary Poppins

Barbie Girl

Barbie Girl

Cartoon Characters

Preschool Characters

Fairies & Unicorns

Fairies & Unicorns

Wizards & Witches

Wizards & Witches

Dog Patrol

Christmas Characters

Dog Party
Thank you _maggianoslittleitaly The Grov

Halloween Characters

Jack & Sally

All of our characters are impersonations inspired by popular stories, movies, people and classic characters from literature and pop culture. Prestige Princess has no intention to violate any copyright, trademarked or licensing laws. All of our characters are simply look-a-likes and we only accept party bookings from our clients who acknowledge that we do not represent any licensed character.