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Super Hero Parties


1 Character:

60 minutes - $185

90 minutes - $245

2 hours - $295
($60 per additional 30 minutes after 2 hours)
2 Characters:

60 minutes - $310

90 minutes - $395

2 hours - $485
($90 per additional 30 minutes)
3 Characters:

60 minutes - $425

90 minutes - $560

2 hours - $690
($110 per additional 30 minutes)

Have a super hero add a touch of magic to your next super birthday or celebration. Our super heroes love making new friends and training recruits about what it takes to be a hero!

Travel Fees (Per Performer)
15 miles + $15  /  20 miles + $20 
25 miles + $25 / 30 miles + $30  

35 miles + $35 / 40 miles + $40

What's Included:

All super hero parties include meet & greet with pictures as well as an interactive story time! Any remaining time can be used for various games/activities. Then they can finish up by joining in as everyone sings "Happy Birthday" at cake time before heading back to their headquarters!

**Please note: The amount of activities accomplished depends greatly on
allotted scheduled time & amount of participants**

List of Possible Games/Activities:

Super Hero Training with Obstacle Course

The children will what it takes to be a hero! They'll start with warm-ups & stretching, then go through a fun obstacle course!

Obstacle course can set up inside or outside.

(includes things like spot jumpers, small hurdles, & cones)
*Healthy food talk  *What it means to be a real hero
*What is your Super Hero name and what is your Super Power?
Themed Games & Parachute Play
Themed games and activities

(such as "Hero Says", Hot Potato, and relay races)

Temporary Tattoos

*Please Note: Some of our super heroes have

nonremovable gloves and/or visual restrictions, therefore

this activity can not be performed by all super hero characters

Bat Hero doing Superhero obstacle course

To ensure a timely arrival,
a parking spot must be provided close to the entrance of the party location.

In the event that your performer must park far away, your party will be shortened by the amount of time taken to find parking.

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